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Vinspect 2016

A Horizontal Tasting
16 Wines, 5 Brands, 4 Wine Regions

In this first month of 2017, Enoteca by Madhuloka is going to organise HORIZONTAL TASTING of 2016 vintage wines from 5 different wine brands across 4 wine regions of India. This is going to be an excellent opportunity for the wine foxes like you to review the previous vintage and to have a better wine shopping experience in 2017.

VINSPECT is going to be first of its kind event in India where attendees will taste a large range of white and red wines from 2016 vintage. There will be a discussion on micro and macro climatic differences among the different wine regions in India and impact of 2016 weather conditions on the wines. Wines will be tasted in flights with nearest possible match to compare and understand the subtle differences among them.

This is not a competition or challenge so no wine rankings/ratings will be published by the organisers. Attendees are free to write their review on social media or blog in their individual capacities.

Participation in the event will be by invitation only from Enoteca by Madhuloka.
Participation cost include wines to taste, appetisers and Dinner.
Paid seating is limited to only 20 pax.



DATE: 26.01.17



Registration has been closed for this event