Wine And Spirits Education Trust

Hoping to build a career in the wine/spirit industry? Passionate about wine & spirits? Looking for quality wine education in India? Then a WSET course is a must!

Founded in 1969 for the UK wine trade, WSET is a London based awarding body and registered charity devoted to the development and delivery of qualifications and courses in wines and spirits. Enoteca being the educational partner of Tulleho, one of the 600+ approved programme providers, hosts the first 2 of the 4 levels of qualification series. WSET certificates are recognized worldwide in this trade and help wine enthusiasts mature their knowledge and skill in handling the wine industry.


The Wine & Spirit Education Trust – Level 1 Award in Wines covers basic product knowledge and skills required in the service & sale of wine.

The aim of the course is to give a basic introduction to wine followed by some basic food & wine pairing.

 Objectives of the course

Introduction to the main styles of wines

Learn the characteristics of the principle grape varieties

The WSET Level 1 Systematic Approach to Tasting

Service and retail of wine

Matching Food & Wine


To gain the Level 1 qualification candidates will be required to complete a program of training delivered by a WSET Level 1 Approved Programme Provider and successfully complete a multiple choice paper of 30 questions.


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Cost: INR 9500 (inclusive of all taxes). Special discount for Hospitality students and WEAT participants.




A detailed course on key varietal styles and key wine growing regions they come from, effects of terroir on wine styles, winemaking techniques and their influences on wine styles, sparkling & sweet wines and basics of spirits knowledge. A selection of up to 30 wines & 5 spirits will be tasted during the course.



  • Level 2 Systematic approach to wine tasting & Food & wine matching
  • Grape growing & winemaking
  • Key wine & spirit producing regions
  • Detailed modules on grape varietals – Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Syrah & Grenache – and the regions they come from.
  • Effects on styles of wine produced due to terroir
  • Sparkling & Sweet wines
  • Fortified wines
  • Spirits & Liqueurs
  • Evaluation via an examination


  • Know the basic steps of wine tasting
  • Know the basic characteristics of key grape varietals
  • Be able to name the basic wine & spirit producing countries/regions
  • Genuine interest in studying the topics in detail
  • Know the basic service & storage of wine


  • Post the program the session attendees will be able to successfully complete the following tasks:
  • Describe wine styles and grape varietal characteristics depending on areas they come from
  • Suggest different wine styles depending on a consumer's preference or requirement
  • Read and interpret wine labels and explain terms that appear on it
  • Correctly suggest and pair wine with food
  • Suggest, sell, serve different styles of sparkling wines and sweet and fortified wines
  • Suggest and serve different styles of spirits depending on a customer’s needs and preferences.


Cost: INR 29900 ( inclusive of all taxes). 20 percent discount for WEAT certificate holders.