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Corporate & Private Tastings

Enoteca finds the reason to believe that a bottle of wine shared is a bundle of joy spread. This principle has motivated our company to host wine sharing events exclusively for corporates and private groups. These fun packed wine activities are designed to boost the morale and loyalty of colleagues to increase their production standards. Our tailor-made events are personalized to the requirements of the group and can be organized at a venue of your choice.

Ice Breaker: Open up with Wine
Our wine quiz, wine games, and blind tastings will get you interacting on a quest for knowledge and fun.

Theme Events: Memorable Occasions
Evenings dedicated to specific themes like a festival, cuisine or particular region of the world.

Phobia Eraser: Order like a pro
Instill confidence in your clients to read a wine and food menu so that they will never feel embarrassed while selecting the wines and food for their guests.

Aroma and Tasting Workshop: Enjoyable Learning
Gift your clients a unique and valuable gift “The art of tasting wines”

Fees: Varies as per client requirement, wine choice and venue selection. Minimum group number required to organize a private tasting is 10

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